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Falcon Car Rental is the leading ultra-luxury and exotic car rental company in Southern California. Falcon has a specially curated fleet of ultra-exotic vehicles, hard-to-find luxury models, and rare specialty supercars. Our fleet contains top-of-the-line models from the leading luxury brands, and all our cars are new models that have been kept in pristine condition.

Falcon Car Rental has experienced high demand for their rental cars in the Los Angeles area, and the word has spread to other locations in the United States. People from all over the country are coming into the Beverly Hills area to have a chance to drive a vehicle like a Lamborghini Urus or a Ferrari 812 Superfast because they may never even see a real one in their lifetime.

Because of this high demand, Falcon has implemented a short term and long term exotic car rental program for people outside the Los Angeles area. Falcon Car Rental now offers everyone a chance to drive the car of their dreams.

Short Term Exotic Car Lease

Have you always wanted to drive a Bentley or a Rolls Royce? Can you picture zipping down the roads of your hometown in a McLaren supercar? Are you planning the perfect date and envision picking up your date in an Aston Martin? All these dreams can be a reality with a Falcon Car Rental short term luxury car lease.

We have designed a program that allows us to ship one of our ultra-luxury vehicles right to your door, regardless of your location in the United States. Our short term exotic car lease will allow you to use our vehicle for a minimum of three months. At the end of your rental period, Falcon will already have pre-arranged to have the car shipped back to our Beverly Hills showroom.

The rental program costs will include the rental fee for the vehicle, a designated number of free miles you can drive the vehicle, the cost per mile for any miles driven over the allotted amount, and the transportation costs for pickup and delivery of the exotic car to your home.

Falcon has a very transparent pricing structure. We tell you every cost upfront, and that is all you will pay for renting the vehicle. We do not believe in hidden costs or charges; it just doesn’t make good business sense to treat our clients that way.

Long Term Luxury Car Rental

Falcon Car Rental knows that some people will want to rent a luxury car for a long time, and that’s okay. We offer long term luxury car rentals, so you don’t have to have to feel rushed. Our rental periods are for a minimum of three months, and you can enjoy the luxury car rental anywhere in the country.

Our long term luxury car rentals can be enjoyed for any of our vehicles, including the very desirable BMW i8, one of the rarest BMW’s on the market today. Perhaps you would prefer something that can carry several people. We have Range Rovers, Mercedes SUV and the highly coveted Bentley Bentayga, the most luxurious SUV on the road.

Our long term luxury car rental program does not exclude any of our vehicles. We know car enthusiasts have different tastes and needs for luxury vehicles, and we want to make sure that we can give them what they want. As car enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the desire to drive a specific car or model, and we try to make all of our vehicles available to experience.

Falcon significantly discounts their daily rental rate for all their vehicles when they are leased on a short term lease program. For exact pricing on your long term luxury car rental, you are encouraged to call Falcon direct. One of our friendly representatives will help create a rental package that is cost effective and perfect to meet your needs. You can reach us at (310)-887-7005 or through our website.

The Premier Luxury Car Rental Company in Los Angeles

Falcon Car Rental has become the premier luxury car rental company in Los Angeles because of its superior service, amazing fleet of cars, and straightforward pricing. They have changed the way people enjoy luxury rental vehicles.

Falcon has taken exotic car rental to the next level. For many companies, a luxury car rental is nothing more than offering their clients a low-end Mercedes Benz or Cadillac. Falcon wanted to change the way people rent exotic cars, so their fleet contains only the best models of popular luxury brands and some of the rarest makes and models of the top brands of luxury vehicles.

Driving an exotic car has never been more accessible or more affordable than with Falcon Car Rental. Now that they offer short term exotic car leases, everyone can enjoy the lifetime experience of driving a rare or exotic car.

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