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Exotic Car Rental Los AngelesExotic Car Rental Los Angeles

Exotic Car Rental Los Angeles

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    No counter, no long lines. We deliver the car to you at the airport, home, hotel or pick it up from our Beverly Hills location.

  • Quality

    A wide variety of the latest luxury and exotic cars, always extra clean, always in top condition.

  • Transparency

    If it’s not listed online, you don’t pay for it. No hidden fees, transparent & ready to roll.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I called Falcon Car Rental at 9:00 am to inquire about the availability of my dream car, and the Lamborghini was delivered to me at 11:00 am the same day. The transaction was simple and smooth.

Shawn H.

Falcon is an amazing company. They had the exact Lamborghini we needed and it was in perfect condition. The company is very hospitable and the process is easy. They explained everything with the car and did an extensive walk through.

Eugene S.

Falcon Car Rental went the extra mile for our company - pun intended. They were very accommodating and communication was efficient. We used the gorgeous Rolls Royce Dawn for our music video with great success.

Gianna C.

If you are looking for quality cars and a good service you can’t go wrong here. The best car rental service in Beverly Hills, no doubt. 3rd time renting from here, never disappointed.

Ryan M.

The assistance I received was great. I rented a Mercedes S550 Cabriolet for my daughter's prom, and they were very accommodating. I would recommend them to everyone and I will use them again in the future!

Cathy J.

Falcon Exotic Car Rental is a car rental service dedicated to those with exquisite tastes in vehicles. Our carefully curated fleet of exotic and ultra-luxury vehicles is designed to give our clients the ultimate driving experience.

Founded by avid car enthusiasts, Falcon Exotic Car Rental LAX features only the highest-rated exotic and luxury car rentals in Los Angeles. Our fleet is made up of newer and brand new exotic vehicles. When you rent exotic cars from Falcon, they will always be the newest models and have all the best amenities.

Whether you are in LA for business or pleasure, why not enhance your visit through an exotic car rental? Picture yourself arriving to that important business meeting in a Rolls Royce. Imagine yourself cruising down Sunset Boulevard in a Ferrari. Dare to dream about taking a Lamborghini on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Falcon Exotic Car Rental offers single or multiple day rental packages on all their vehicles. Are you going to be in the area for an extended period? Falcon offers different discount levels based on the length of time you need to rent an exotic car.


LA Exotic Car Rental

Exotic car rental in Los Angeles has many different options when it comes to rental car services. When you go to rent exotic cars, you may have noticed that many of the national brands of rental car companies offer “exotic cars” as part of their inventory. However, their definition of an exotic car is a low-end Corvette or Mercedes Benz. Falcon Exotic Car Rental, on the other hand, has a much different definition of an exotic car.

Falcon does carry Corvette and Mercedes Benz, but they are the brand new, amenity-filled, high-end versions of these luxury cars. Falcon Exotic Car Rental LAX also carries Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari and more. These are your true exotic vehicles.

All our vehicles are in pristine condition. They are clean, loaded to the max with amenities, and in perfect running order. When you rent an exotic car from Falcon, all you have to do is turn the key and you are ready to go.

Falcon Exotic Car Rental has made indulging in an exotic car rental in Los Angeles simple. All you have to do is select the vehicle that you wish to rent, pick your rental dates, and submit your contact information. Falcon will handle the rest. Once we confirm your chosen car is available on the dates you requested, we will notify you by email that your reservation is completed. It is that simple.

For that special occasion where you would prefer to sit back and relax and allow someone else to drive, Falcon also offers chauffeur services for many of their high-end exotic cars. Our chauffeurs are experienced and knowledgeable about the area and the vehicles to ensure the best possible experience for our clients.


Why Wait? Reserve your Exotic Car Rental near LAX Now!

Introducing The Falcon Fleet

Falcon Exotic Car Rental has a large fleet of exotic and ultra-luxury vehicles available in Los Angeles. We are positive that you will find the brands you know and love in our fleet as well as the brands that you have only dreamed about. Falcon offers rentals from the following manufacturers:

Aston Martin

For over 100 years Aston Martin has been producing sports cars. With a heritage in racing, Aston Martin has gone on to produce some of the best ultra-luxury sports cars in the industry. This is a lifestyle brand that has become synonymous with luxury living.


Bentley can only be described as amazing. Everything that you could ever want in a luxury vehicle is found in a Bentley vehicle. Once reserved for only the ultra-rich and famous, Falcon is pleased to have several of these magnificent cars in their fleet.


BMW offers an elevated driving experience. Our selection of BMWs includes the i8 super sports car and several of the high-end sedans. Also available as an exotic car rental in LA is the luxurious 7-seat BMW luxury SUV. With BMW, you can expect high performance, luxury interiors, and a sleek appearance.


The Cadillac Escalade is in a class all to itself. This luxurious American-made car has a powerful V8 engine, luxurious interior, and room for you and your entire crew to get around the LA area in style.


The Corvette is the ultimate American sports car. The first Corvette was shown at the 1963 auto show as a “futuristic concept car.” Chevy never believed it would be anything more than a display at the auto show. The public was so fascinated by the lightweight super-fast two-seater that demand forced Chevy to place the car into production. Now, Corvette is a name synonymous with speed, style, and superior performance.


It has been said that you have never driven a car until you have driven a Ferrari. These supercars are sleek and sexy and aerodynamically superior. The fine lines are complemented by an incredibly fast engine and a smooth-shifting transmission. Top this off with a cockpit filled with gadgets and body-hugging Italian leather seats, and you have the ultimate supercar. Falcon Exotic Car Rental LAX offers several different Ferrari models, including the newest 812 Superfast.


When it comes to exceptional style and performance, Lamborghini ranks in the first place. Designed to be a race car, but loaded with amenities like an ultra-luxury vehicle, the Lamborghini gives its drivers a little bit of everything. Indulge your senses driving through Beverly Hills with the top down in a Huracan Spyder, or take the luxury up a notch to an Aventador. Falcon Car Rental is also pleased to be one of the few rental companies in the country to offer the new Lamborghini Urus for rent. These vehicles can do top speeds in less than three seconds, so be prepared to feel real power when you get behind the wheel of a Lambo.


Falcon Exotic Car Rental in Los Angeles offers drivers a chance to experience one of the finest luxury Italian cars made. The Maserati Ghibli or Ghibli S offers drivers an effortless driving experience while seated in the lap of luxury.


McLaren is known for its superior sports cars and racing team. The car manufacturer also produces a number of supercars that are available to the public. Most car enthusiasts have seen pictures of a McLaren 720S or possibly have seen one at a car show, but very few people have actually seen a McLaren up close or even driving down the road – they are that rare. Falcon Exotic Car Rental LAX is pleased to have a new McLaren as part of their exotic car fleet. Take your driving experience to the next level and rent a McLaren.


Mercedes is probably the most well-known luxury brand in the world. With a hundred-year history of producing superb vehicles, everyone knows the name, Mercedes Benz. Many people, however, are unfamiliar with the high-end Mercedes or their line of SUV. Falcon Exotic Car Rental in LA has several different Mercedes Benz vehicles to choose from, including the coveted G550 4x4.


When you are behind the wheel of a Porsche, you know that you are in a luxury sports car. Porsche has always been a luxury sports car, and every year it improves its vehicles and lifts the brand to new levels. Whether you are in one of the brand new Porsche SUVs or zipping through the streets of LA in a 911 Carrera, you will love the way it feels to drive a Porsche.

Range Rover

The Range Rover Supercharged LWB can only be described as the original luxury SUV. Driving a Range Rover gives you a true mix of emotions. The powerful engine and ability to gracefully go through any terrain brings out your wild side. The ultra-luxury interior makes you feel like you are sitting in a 5-star hotel. The body style makes you feel sexy. If you want to travel with your group in style, rent a Range Rover from Falcon Exotic Car Rental LAX today.

Rolls Royce

It was once said that Rolls Royce pre-approved drivers for their cars. If this is true or not, driving a Rolls Royce does make you feel as if you are royalty. Rolls is known for its ultra-smooth ride, quiet yet massively powerful engine, and the finest attention to detail making it the ultimate luxury car on the road.


Many people do not put the Tesla brand in the exotic car category. Falcon, however, feels as if this is a mistake. Tesla vehicles are superior in many ways and exceed the luxury standards of most cars. Their innovative approach to driving and driver amenities also makes the Tesla Model-X one of the most popular exotic cars in the fleet.

The Falcon Exotic Car Rental Guarantee

At Falcon Exotic Car Rental, we believe the guarantees that we make are what made us a leading LA exotic car rental company. Our guarantee to each customer:

Falcon guarantees that we will always keep the reservation experience simple and quick. We want every part of the Falcon rental experience to be pleasant for you, starting from the moment you decide to rent a vehicle from us.

We guarantee that we will quickly confirm our reservation and answer any and all of your questions about the rental and reservation process. Our Customer Care specialist is there for you.

Falcon promises that we will always have transparent pricing structures so that you know exactly what it costs to rent an exotic car in Los Angeles. We have designed our website to show all costs associated with renting an exotic car, and we guarantee that when your bill is finalized, these are the only charges you will receive.

It is our guarantee that we will carefully maintain our fleet and that we will continue to curate the best exotic car fleet in Los Angeles. As our fleet ages or as newer models and styles emerge from luxury and exotic manufacturers, we will update our fleet and replace the older vehicles.

Our final guarantee is that we will continue to strive to provide all of the services that you desire from an exotic rental company. We have listened carefully to our clients, and we add services that are in demand to ensure the overall quality experience with Falcon. Some of these services include drop-off and pick-up services for the vehicle that you have rented. Extended hours at our Beverly Hills showroom, including on the weekends, and chauffeur services for several of the higher-end luxury models.

Exotic Car Rental FAQ’s

How Do I Make A Reservation For An Exotic Car Rental in Los Angeles With Falcon?

The reservation process has been simplified with Falcon. In fact, the hardest part will be deciding which exotic car you wish to rent. From the moment you type in “exotic car rental near me” and find the Falcon website, the rental process will be easy. It is always our goal to make each transaction flow smoothly to enhance the customer experience.

Once you have selected the exotic vehicle you wish to rent, you will click on the reserve now vehicle booking button. On this page, you will be asked for the dates that you would like to reserve the vehicle. You will also be asked for contact and billing information. Once you have filled in this information, all you need to do is hit “submit” and Falcon will handle the rest.

Once our Customer Care representatives confirm the availability of your chosen vehicle for your dates, they will send a confirmation email. Once this is received, usually in a few minutes, your reservation is complete and your rental will be ready on your selected dates. You may cancel your reservation penalty-free within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation.

Does Falcon Exotic Car Rental LAX Offer Hourly Rates?

Falcon has structured its rental rates on 24-hour periods. We believe that for our clients to truly experience the magnificence of any exotic car, they need some time to drive it around. Additionally, we have also found that life and traffic can inhibit our client's abilities to return a vehicle in just a few hours.

We understand that meetings run longer than they should, that events are not always on a strict timeline, and that Los Angeles can quickly turn into a traffic jam, regardless of what road you are on. Instead of creating a bunch of penalties and fees for returning the vehicle after the stated time, we just make sure that our clients have the vehicle for 24 hours so that they can accommodate their schedules without incurring penalties.

However, Falcon always wants to accommodate their clients. If you absolutely can only rent the vehicle for a few hours, you are encouraged to contact our Customer Care services to see what can be done to accommodate your needs.

Does Falcon Give Discounts On Extended Exotic Car Rentals?

Falcon Exotic Car Rental LAX is pleased to offer a two-tier discount program for our clients. Exotic car rentals that are a minimum of 7 days and up to 27 days will receive an automatic 15 percent discount off of the daily rental charge for the vehicle. This discount will automatically apply at the time of the reservation.

For clients that wish to rent one of our exotic vehicles for 28 days or longer, a 40 percent discount will apply to the daily rental charge. The rental must, however, be for 28 consecutive days for the rental discount to apply.

The discount applies only to the daily rental charge and does not apply to any charges incurred by the client for mileage fees.

How Does Delivery/Pick Up Services Work For My Exotic Car Rental In Los Angeles?

Falcon Exotic Car Rental believes that convenience should be part of their rental service. We offer a delivery and pick-up service for all of our LA exotic car rentals. If you do not wish to use this service, you can pick up or drop off the car at our Beverly Hills showroom.

The charge for drop-off or delivery service is as follows: We will deliver or pick up your rental with a three-mile radius of our showroom for free with any rental. For anyone renting a car for two or more days or has a car rental value of over $1,500, we will deliver or pick up the vehicle within an 8-mile radius of our showroom for free. Rentals valued over $3,000 will receive 12 miles for free. Any additional miles will be charged at $9 per mile with the exception of Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Rolls Royce, and Bentley, which will be charged at $12 per mile.

What Is The Cost For An Exotic Car Rental In Los Angeles?

The cost of your luxury car rental will depend on the car selected and any additional miles you place on the vehicle. Falcon has all prices clearly listed on their website and the number of free miles that are allotted with the car. We have also stated the cost per mile for any additional miles right beneath the rental costs. We believe in transparent pricing, and we want you to know upfront what to expect for your rental costs.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Falcon grants all clients a 24 hour grace period to cancel their rental. If you need to cancel and there is more than seven days before your rental period, we will also cancel the rental without penalty. However, cancellations made when there is seven days or less until the rental date will be penalized for up to 50 percent of the value of the rental.

Falcon understands that things can happen that are out of the control of our client. If you find yourself in one of these situations and need to cancel your rental, please call one of our Customer Care representatives.

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