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Luxury Car Rental Los AngelesLuxury Car Rental Los Angeles

Luxury Car Rental Los Angeles

  • Convenience

    No counter, no long lines. We deliver the car to you at the airport, home, hotel or pick it up from our Beverly Hills location.

  • Quality

    A wide variety of the latest luxury and exotic cars, always extra clean, always in top condition.

  • Transparency

    If it’s not listed online, you don’t pay for it. No hidden fees, transparent & ready to roll.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Falcon is an amazing company. They had the exact Lamborghini we needed and it was in perfect condition. The company is very hospitable and the process is easy. They explained everything with the car and did an extensive walk through.

Eugene S.

Falcon Car Rental went the extra mile for our company - pun intended. They were very accommodating and communication was efficient. We used the gorgeous Rolls Royce Dawn for our music video with great success.

Gianna C.

If you are looking for quality cars and a good service you can’t go wrong here. The best car rental service in Beverly Hills, no doubt. 3rd time renting from here, never disappointed.

Ryan M.

The assistance I received was great. I rented a Mercedes S550 Cabriolet for my daughter's prom, and they were very accommodating. I would recommend them to everyone and I will use them again in the future!

Cathy J.

Falcon Car Rental is the leading Los Angeles area luxury car rental company because of its amazing fleet of ultra-luxury vehicles and their superior customer service. Owned and operated by car enthusiasts, Falcon Car Rental has a carefully-curated fleet of some of the most prestigious luxury cars for rent in the area.

There is always a high demand for a luxury car rental in Los Angeles. Many businesses host special events in this area, and of course, there are all of the Hollywood events that take place year-round. Most people love to attend these special events and meetings in a luxury car rental. Some even opt for the luxury car rental with a chauffeur.

Even if you are just visiting LA for leisure, why not enhance the experience with a luxury car rental. Think about how magnificent it would feel driving down the coast in a Bentley. Think of how regal you will feel enjoying Southern California in a Rolls Royce. Whatever your choice for a luxury car rental in LA, Falcon Car Rental will have the right vehicle for you.

Rent a Luxury Car: Falcon Has Simplified The Luxury Car Rental Process

It is our belief that every part of your rental experience should be great. We have made sure that renting your luxury car from Falcon is easy. All you have to do is select your car, the dates you wish to rent the vehicle and provide your contact information. Falcon will handle the rest.

We even offer pick-up and delivery services for our luxury car rentals. When you need a luxury car rental at LAX, we will meet you at the airport, keys in hand. We can even pick the vehicle up from the same area. Our pick-up and delivery service is available anywhere in the Los Angeles area. Speak with one of our Customer Care representatives for costs and availability.

Next Level Luxury Car Rental Services In Los Angeles – Chauffeur

There is only one thing that is possibly better than driving an ultra-luxury vehicle through the streets of Southern California – and that is being driven through those streets in an ultra-luxury vehicle. Falcon Car Rental offers complete chauffeur services for several of our luxury vehicles.

What could be more amazing than pulling up to your wedding or special event in a Rolls Royce and having your chauffeur open your door for you to exit the vehicle? Imagine how relaxed you will feel by allowing someone else to drive while you explore everything that LA has to offer.

Falcon is pleased to have talented, knowledgeable, and polite chauffeurs available for your luxury car rental. Because our service is in high demand, we encourage you to book your chauffeur service as far in advance as possible.

A Look At The Falcon Luxury Fleet

Many rental companies tell you that they are offering luxury rental vehicles, but what they have to offer just does not make it to the ultra-luxury status. Falcon Car Rental has taken great pride in developing the ultimate luxury vehicle fleet. Our fleet includes cars like:

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II – Perhaps the most iconic of all of the Rolls Royce models. This beautiful car offers everything that you can imagine in a luxury vehicle and then offers even more. This is also one of the favorites of our clients to rent and use a chauffeur.

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead. Rolls Royce is known for taking ultra-luxury vehicles to the next level. The Phantom Drophead is the amazing Phantom series vehicle in a not-so-typical convertible. What better way to soak up the California sun than cruising beachside in a convertible Rolls Royce?

The Bentley Continental – Known as the luxury car built for royalty, the Bentley remains in a class all by itself. Continental is one of the most popular models of the Bentley brand. The Continental is also very popular with our clients seeking chauffeur services.

The Bentley Bentayga – The newest edition to the Bentley family, the Bentayga is perhaps the most luxurious SUV you will ever find. This vehicle has a powerful engine and an interior that makes you believe you are in a five-star hotel.

Mercedes Benz Maybach. This is the top of the line Mercedes. Everything and anything that you could desire in a luxury vehicle will be found in the Maybach. These are the choice of cars for any important occasion.

Mercedes Benz AMG – Want something a little sportier than the Maybach but still ultra-luxury? Then you will love the AMG. This vehicle is the best of both the sports and sedan world blended into one car.

Luxury Car Rental FAQ’s

How Do I Make A Reservation For An Luxury Car Rental With Falcon?

The reservation process has been made easy at Falcon Luxury Car Rental. You will spend the most time deciding which luxury car you wish to rent. The instant that you type in “luxury car rental near me” and find the Falcon website, the rental process will be easy. It is always our goal to enhance our customers experience by making it easy.

Once you have selected the luxury vehicle you wish to rent, you will be asked for the dates that you would like to reserve the vehicle. Next, you will need to enter contact and billing information. That is all you need to do – Falcon will do the rest.

We will then confirm the availability of your luxury car rental for your chosen dates. Once confirmed, we will email you immediately for your final confirmation. This should only take a few minutes from the time you submit the request. You may cancel your reservation penalty-free within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation.

Does Falcon Car Rental Offer Hourly Rates?

Falcon only offers rental rates on 24-hour periods. We believe that for our clients to enjoy any luxury car, they need some time to drive it around. Additionally, we have also found that things can happen, especially Los Angeles traffic, that can prevent our clients from returning the vehicle on time when the rental is for only a few hours.

Instead of creating penalties and fees for returning the vehicle after the stated time, we just make sure that our clients have the vehicle for a full day so that they can accommodate their schedules without incurring penalties.

However, Falcon always wants to accommodate their clients. If you absolutely can only rent the vehicle for a few hours, you are encouraged to contact our Customer Care services to see what can be done to accommodate your needs.

Does Falcon Give Discounts On Extended Luxury Car Rentals?

Falcon Luxury Car Rental is pleased to offer a two-tier discount program for our clients. Exotic car rentals that are a minimum of 7 days and up to 27 days will receive an automatic 15 percent discount off of the daily rental charge for the vehicle. This discount will automatically apply at the time of the reservation.

For clients that wish to rent one of our luxury vehicles for 28 days or longer, a 40 percent discount will apply to the daily rental charge. The rental must, however, be for 28 consecutive days for the rental discount to apply.

The discount applies only to the daily rental charge and does not apply to any charges incurred by the client for mileage fees.

How Does Delivery/Pick Up Services Work For My Luxury Car Rental In Los Angeles?

Falcon Car Rental believes that convenience should be part of their rental service. We offer a delivery and pick-up service for all of our luxury car rentals. That means Falcon Car Rental can even meet you at the airport and be your choice for luxury car rental at LAX. If you do not wish to use this service, you can pick up or drop off the car at our Beverly Hills showroom.

The charge for drop-off or delivery service is as follows: We will deliver or pick up your rental with a three-mile radius of our showroom for free with any rental. For anyone renting a car for two or more days or has a car rental value of over $1,500, we will deliver or pick up the vehicle within an 8-mile radius of our showroom for free. Rentals valued over $3,000 will receive 12 miles for free. Any additional miles will be charged at $9 per mile with the exception of Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Rolls Royce, and Bentley, which will be charged at $12 per mile.

What Is The Cost To Rent A Luxury Car In Los Angeles?

The cost of your rental will depend on the car selected and any additional miles you place on the vehicle. Falcon has all prices clearly listed on their website and the number of free miles that are allotted with the car. We have also stated the cost per mile for any additional miles right beneath the rental costs. We believe in transparent pricing, and we want you to know upfront what to expect for your luxury car rental.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Falcon grants all clients a 24-hour grace period to cancel their rental. If you need to cancel and there is more than seven days before your rental period, we will also cancel the rental without penalty. Cancellations made when there is seven days or less until the rental date will be penalized for up to 50 percent of the value of the rental.

Falcon would like to say that we understand that things can happen that are out of the control of our client. If you find yourself in one of these situations and need to cancel your rental, please call one of our Customer Care representatives who can help you.

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