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BMW Rental In Los Angeles

Founded in 1916, BMW originally manufactured aircraft engines. It wasn’t until 1928 that the company’s founders decided they could make a product equally efficient for the road. Since the brand’s creation, BMW has prided itself on not only incorporating sustainable options into their manufacturing proce...

Founded in 1916, BMW originally manufactured aircraft engines. It wasn’t until 1928 that the company’s founders decided they could make a product equally efficient for the road. Since the brand’s creation, BMW has prided itself on not only incorporating sustainable options into their manufacturing processes but also for staying ahead of trends and implementing the latest technological advancements into their vehicles. This was apparent as early as 1951 when the company produced its first post-war automobile, the 501. Although the 501 was successful, it wasn’t until 1961 when the 1500 model was presented at the German Motor Show that BMW established itself as a leader in the industry. When you’re looking for some of the best contemporary examples of German engineering available, turn to the impressive inventory of BMW rentals in Los Angeles available at Falcon Car Rental.

BMW X5 3.5

When you’re looking for a BMW rental in Beverly Hills, consider the X5. Known for its spacious cabin and excellent handling abilities, this is the ideal model for those traveling with multiple coworkers or family members.

BMW 428i Convertible

The hardtop convertible is best for those looking to explore the idyllic coastline of California. With aerodynamic seats, ample room for luggage, and an 8-speed automatic transmission, this is the perfect way to make your time in Southern California memorable when you rent a BMW in LA.

BMW 740i

Featuring the athletic body and sporty interior that modern BMWs have come to be known for, the 740i is a classic model for any car enthusiast. With a powerful engine that boasts 320 horsepower and can reach up to 60mph in under six seconds, driving the 740i is an unforgettable experience.

BMW 640i Convertible

Available in two different colors here at Falcon Car Rental, the 640i is an advanced automobile offering the latest technological features. With convenient keyless entry, a micro-filter ventilation system, and power steering, this BMW convertible rental in Los Angeles will help you explore all California has to offer.

BMW i8

The flashy blue i8 model available at Falcon Car Rental boasts an aerodynamic silhouette, stunning scissor doors, and is a plug-in hybrid sports car on top of it all. Experience the best of the best by renting this premium model of exceptional automobile engineering. This is the ultimate experience when you rent a BMW in LA.

Do you find yourself wondering “where can I rent a BMW in LA?” The answer is Falcon Car Rental. Our well-stocked inventory has all the vehicles you dream of, and we can even deliver your exclusive rental vehicle to any location within eight miles of our showroom in the Beverly Hills Golden Triangle area. From speedy BMWs to advanced Teslas, we have everything you need to take in all the sights of Los Angeles. Examine our extensive showroom offerings today and select the exclusive vehicle best suiting your journey. Reserve your BMW rental in Los Angeles today with Falcon Car Rental.

BMW Rental FAQs

How Do I Make A Reservation For A BMW rental in Los Angeles?

Renting a BMW rental is as simple as clicking a button. Select the vehicle you wish to rent from Falcon Luxury Rental and click the Request to Book button. That begins the process of reserving a BMW rental in Beverly Hills. So, if you ask yourself, where can I rent a BMW, that answer is simple.

To make the reservation, you will be asked to select the time and dates; from when you want to pick up your BMW rental to when you want to return it. Once you select the Start Date & Time and End Date & Time, you will see the total amount that needs to be paid and its breakdown. If you desire to book the BMW you selected, you will need to enter your personal and billing information. Once this information is received, the reservation process begins.

We will place a temporary hold on your credit card while we verify that the vehicle you selected is available. If the vehicle is available, you card will be charged and the reservation is completed. You will be notified immediately of the confirmation via email. You can cancel within 24 hours to avoid penalties.

If the vehicle you requested is not available, we will contact you immediately. We will provide you with different options that are available for that time period. If these options do not meet your needs, we will remove the hold from your credit card immediately. If you have any questions about the reservation process, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service center directly at (310) 887-7005.

Do You Offer Hourly BMW Rentals?


Falcon Exotic Car Rental does not offer hourly rentals on their vehicles at this time. We have realized that our clients are happier with 24 hour rental periods. Even when a BMW rental in Los Angeles is only for a quick event like a wedding, the potential to return the vehicle late is too high, and our customers then suffer penalties.


Many issues can arise that could prevent you from returning the vehicle in a timely manner when you have hourly rentals. In an effort to solve this issue, we rent in 24 hour periods. When you are looking for a BMW rental near LAX, you will want to be able to take your time returning the car, so you don't have to worry about traffic or weather.


Is There A Discount For Renting A BMW For 7 Days Or More?


Falcon Exotic Rental is pleased to provide all our clients with extended rental contracts with a discount. If you need your BMW rental for a minimum of seven days, we will provide you with a discount of 15 percent off the rental price. If you need to rent a BMW in LA for 28 days or more, we will extend a discount of 30 percent off the rental price.


Discounts apply to the base rental price of the vehicle only. Any additional charges that arise from the rental, such as over mileage fees, are billed at the same rate stated in the rental contract.


How Does Delivery / Pick Up For My BMW Work?


Falcon Luxury Car Rental is pleased to offer a delivery and pick up service when you rent a BMW. We will deliver or pick your vehicle up for free if the location is within three miles of our Beverly Hills showroom. If your rental is for two or more days and exceeds $1,500 in value, we will deliver / pick up for free within an 8-mile radius of our showroom. Clients who have a rental for two or more days with a value of $3,000 or more will receive free delivery or pickup within a 12-mile radius. Extra miles for delivery or pick up will be billed at $9 per mile.


You also have the option of picking up and returning the BMW to our Beverly Hills showroom during normal business hours. We are open seven days a week, for your convenience.


How Much Is It To Rent A BMW in LA?


The cost of renting a BMW in Los Angeles will be based on the model of the vehicle. Every vehicle has a daily rental price listed beneath the description as well as a per mile charge. The rental price of each vehicle includes a specific number of free miles.


We encourage all our clients to familiarize themselves with the rental costs as well as the per-mile costs for the vehicles that they are interested in renting. Every vehicle is priced based on make, model and value.


What Is Your Luxury Car Rental Cancellation Policy?


Falcon Luxury Car Rental provides all their customers with a 24-hour grace period once they have reserved a luxury SUV to cancel their reservation. We do not charge for rental cancellations made at least seven days prior to the Start Date & Time. Cancellations made in less than seven days from the Start Date & Time are subject to a penalty of up to 50 percent of the rental value.

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