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EV Rental Los Angeles
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Enjoy the fun of driving a luxury car for work or pleasure in LA without contributing to the poisonous emissions that are so prevalent in California. An electric vehicle rental allows you to experience the excitement behind the wheel of the most beloved exotic cars with no guilt.

Renting an EV creates an immersive driving experience with a focus on fun and efficiency. No stops at the gas station to fuel up—only uninterrupted cruising down your favorite highway.

Falcon is your premier exotic EV car rental in LA. When being green is your priority without compromising on luxury and innovation, we have the car rental you want.

Which Tesla Model to Rent?

When it comes to an EV rental, Tesla is the name that comes to mind. Tesla rentals in Los Angeles let you get behind the wheel and experience the best of electric innovation.

You can choose the ideal model for your travels, such as the Model Y Performance or Model Y Long Range. With 480 horses under the hood, this EV rental will capture your attention from the first glance. It will ...

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