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Lucid Rental Los Angeles
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Want to rent a luxury electric vehicle with exciting innovation and exceptional engineering? Look no further for your unforgettable ride than Falcon Car Rental. Customers who want to drive the latest and greatest exotic cars in LA—like the Lucid Air—will find exactly that with our outstanding collection of models. We also offer an easy and worry-free rental process to boot.

Lucid Motors is one of those innovative auto manufacturers that offers a fresh experience in luxury car rentals. Their vehicles are completely electric, feature fast-charging technology, and come with the longest range around. A Lucid rental provides more than just transportation. It’s a feeling you get behind the wheel, lost in your own world, with the pedal to the metal.

Falcon is proud to be the home of Lucid Air electric car rentals in LA. We have just what you're looking for when you want a speedy, futuristic vehicl...

Falcon Car Rental

  • 499 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  • Monday - Friday8 am - 8 pm
    Saturday - Sunday8 am - 6 pm

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